School Building

Our school building is a temple of knowledge. It is great & grand in size and style.


Our CCTV systems provide an effective solutions for the educational environment. We have strategically positioned our CCTV cameras to monitor moves and activities of students keeping intruders off campus and remotely monitor secluded areas to cut down for crime & bullying.


It is a club of knowledge. It has a wide variety of books & magazines.


School has tied up with one of renowned transport company "SKYLINE TRANSPORT" for children pick & drop facility. Contractor provide daily transport facility for students pick and drop from Noida as well as Greater Noida. We have a fleet of busses plying throughout the sectors of Noida and Greater Noida. Our school buses are safe, well-maintained and child-friendly driven by a well-trained driver.


From pray structures to free standing pray activities to sports equipments to outdoor games, our school playground is the same for all recreation. In this play area of 3 acres. Our students learn valuable lessons of trust, teamwork, patience and observance of rules.