Parent's Guidelines

School Diary

School Diary has been designed for the students and outlines the school’s philosophy and work culture. It serves as a means of communication and interaction between parents and teachers to provide your ward education of excellence in the widest sense.

  • Please check the diary from time to time in order to monitor the performance of your ward and contribute in our efforts to achieve the set goals and objectives.
  • Please read the contents of the diary carefully.
  • Ensure that the diary is carried by your ward to the school every day. Check the diary for any entries from the school. Also use the diary for communicating with the school.
  • Sign all the notes sent by the school regularly and ensure that the child shows the diary to the teacher.
  • Parents are expected to Sign Result Card and acknowledge the Principal’s or Teacher’s remark in the diary. Failure to do so will cause great mutual inconvenience.

Contact The School

  • Staff members are to be contacted regarding school matters at school only.
  • Please refrain from directly visiting the classrooms at any time. The school office may be asked if there is a requirement to do so.
  • Monitor your ward’s progress and feel free to meet the concerned teacher by taking prior appointment.


  • Parents should regularly check if all school circulars have been received and should acknowledge them through the diary.

Homework Policy

Although school discourages Home Work to students of all classes still Homework is seen as an opportunity to:

  • Consolidate Learning.
  • Develop skills introduced in the classroom.
  • Plan and use time effectively and with personal responsibility.
  • Develop study skills and good study habits.
  • Enable the teacher to identify which students need further explanation and practice.
  • Enable parents to be familiar with academic progress of their children, as parents are required to sign the Student Diary when homework is completed.
  • So it is in child and parents interest to do the Home Work regularly. Holiday Homework:

  • So it is in child and parents interest to do the Home Work regularly. Holiday Homework: Is given to the child at the beginning of Summer Vacation as well as Winter Vacation.
  • It is expected from every child to complete and submit the holiday homework after the Vacations.

Assessment Policy

  • The assessment of student is conducted through-out the year by means of observation, interaction and specially designed worksheets.
  • The assessment includes the emotional, behavioral, social and academic performance of the student.

Parent Teacher Meeting

  • Parent Teacher Meetings should be utilized as a platform to interact with the teachers keeping in view the progress of the child.
  • Schedule in advance is available in School Diary of your ward or through SMS.
  • Always try to reach the Parent Teacher Meeting venue well on time.

General Information

  • Always write your child’s name on every belonging’s like water bottle, lunch box, school bag, books and copies (properly covered).
  • Fill the appropriate information in the school diary of your child.
  • Intimate the school of any change in your address and telephone number(s). These are vital and are in the interest of the safety of the students.
  • Parents should ensure that they spend sufficient time with their wards daily to ensure a good level of understanding.
  • Notice Board :