Wellbeing Cell – 2020

“Positive reinforcement is the most important element effecting behavior and the weakest link in behavior- based safety systems.”

Every person in the education service plays a role in keeping children and young people safe. Building a secure learning environment, identifying pupils who are in distress or at a risk of harm and then taking suitable action are vital to ensuring children are safe at school at all times.

The safety of children has become a crucial point of discussion across the country.

Child protection is defined as the “strengthening of country environments, capacities and responses to prevent and protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse, neglect and the effects of conflict.” Following this decree education systems have an important part to play in realizing child protection as children spend a significant amount of their childhood in the school environment, which is the next influential setting for the child after the family. Schools must mandatorily create and implement a Child Protection Policy and must efficiently include child protection into their processes, curriculum and staff recruitment. Bringing in the concept of child protection in education systems can lead to essential changes in the ways schools function, children’s behavior when attending school and the method in which teachers or school authorities interact with children.

In regard to the wellbeing of a Child, our school has a wellbeing cell having 7 members in the team under the guidance of our Principal, Rev. Sr. Gracy Joseph. Members of the team include School Vice-Principal, School Counselor, Special Educator, School Coordinator, A Doctor, A Lawyer and a Sports Faculty where children are free to reach with their problems.